Arzuman Shahmirovich Mejidov born June 19, 1991 in Makhachkala (Dagestan, Russia). Singer, producer and actor. Graduated from Gnesinyh Russian Academy of Music.

Laureates and winners:

– International Meeting of Russia and Italy. In 2005, Lyudmila Putin traveled to Milan, Berlusconi became the first Dagestantsy who sang in the best theaters in the world ( La Scala in Milan )

– International Festival “Moscow of Rhythms in the Nations V”

– All-Russian Festival “Eaglet” (The Golden Voice of Russia among schoolchildren)

– III Moscow festival culture of the peoples of the Caucasus

– Main Dagestan Song Festival “Annual Report” (Queen song, best actor and best song of the year)

– Dagestan Festival “Song of the Year ” award for “Best Artist”

– MTV Dagestan “Russian Music Awards” Artist of the Year Award